Snapchat App Reviews

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Im a little ticked off

Your app has dropped from five stars to less then three, people of the Snapchat community have been complaining about the update ruining peoples snapchat experience, myself included. How hard is it to make a new update after two days, now going onto 3. PLEASE FIX!

Crashed since I updated

Wont let me open the app without crashing


Really I opened Snapchat today and it wouldnt let me do fix it already

Crashes When Open

Please fix


I love it I just takes a lot of wifi or data.


My Snapchat keeps glitching out. Whenever Im on Snapchat for more than 30 seconds, it kicks me off. No matter if Im typing, taking a picture, or on someones snap story. Its updated 3 times since it began, and it still hasnt fixed. Im going to delete Snapchat if you guys dont fix it.

Snaps dont refresh

Only half my snaps refresh at the end of the day

im annoyed.

everytime i open the app it crashes. ive deleted it and reinstalled it at least 4 times and it lets me log in but as soon as the camera opens it crashes again. i have streaks to keep and im stressin so can you please fix this thanks so much


Every time I go to Snapchat and see my friends stories, it immediately crashes

Currently update

Buggy everytime I try to open it it closes out

Cant even open my app

Since I update yesterday I cant open my Snapchat! Please fix this!!! Love the app and its how I communicate with my daughter..... Im in the USA and shes in PARIS ...

Keeps Crashing

Every time i try to open the app after the new update it keeps crashing, please fix this.


Ever since yesterday snapchat crashes right after log in. I try to log in my friends accounts and it does the same, they can log into mine so I dont understand what it is

Crashes easily fixable!!

If your app is crashing after the update be sure your phone is updated to the latest iOS version and it should stop. Hope this helps!

Cant login saying no connection error

Notsure why cant use sc since this morning

Get rid of stories and discovery

Hate this feature about Snapchat. Drains my battery and is in the way from the content of my friends. Making me stick to instagram now

Can we get a like button?

I LOVE Snapchat and so does the rest of my family, we all use it, its an amazing application and always on my most used. But I would love if you could like snaps from your friends stories or comment. I dont like where it sends a whole PM to them, but other than that its perfect. 10/10!


Ive used this app for a while now and lately Ive been having problems with it and this last update made the app basically unusable for me because as soon as I open the app it instantly crashes

I love this app its adorable



As soon as Snapchat updated I clicked on it and it crashed! Its been like this for 2 days . Ive rebooted my phone , deleted the app and reinstalled, and the app is yet to work ? I use this everyday until that happened

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